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Dog Bite Injury Claims

As the spring season is upon us and the weather is starting to warm up, many residents will be heading outdoors to enjoy the weather with their families and furry friends.

Unfortunately, these furry canine friends may at times, become hyper or aggressive and result in a person receiving a dog bite.

In Ontario, the injuries sustained from a dog bite or attack is dealt with under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act as “strict liability” for the owner(s) of the dog. This means that the owner(s) will be held responsible for the actions of the dog. Although that may sound easy enough, it is important that you seek the advice of a legal professional who is knowledgeable with the law in Ontario surrounding dog and animal bites and the evidence required to present a successful case.

If you are bitten by a dog and if the bite has broken through your skin, it is important you:

  • Seek medical attention (call 911 if serious);
  • Obtain the dog owner’s name and address;
  • Write down the date, time and location of where the bite occurred and a clear description of the dog;
  • Obtain information about anyone who may have witnessed the bite;
  • Take a clear photo of the bite injury and document the date and time of the photo; and
  • As soon as practical (and possible), make clear and concise notes in your own handwriting on what happened and ensure you document the date on the notes.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog and have sustained injuries from the bite or attack, please contact the personal injury team at Daniel & Partners LLP for a free consultation and case evaluation.