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Too Young To Rent?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The housing market is increasingly competitive, especially in urban centres like Toronto. Applying to rent an apartment or condo can be a trying, sometimes confusing experience. It’s important to know what can legally be asked of you by letting agents and how they are required to conduct the process.

Two young adults in Toronto have filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging that they were discriminated against for their age when applying to rent a condo.

Nina Tesan, 22, and Ryan Young, 23, applied to rent a condo and provided their prospective landlord with excellent credit reports and letters from their employers confirming both their income and their status as full time employees.

However, this was not sufficient to secure them the condo. Edmund Fajardo, the real estate agent representing the property, responded to their application saying that her client did not want to have four young adults living there (Tesan and Young planned to have two of Tesan’s sisters move in to help manage costs).

Fajardo further expounded upon the decision to deny the applicants the condo, telling Tesan and Young’s real estate agent that “They’re in their early 20’s and my client wasn’t interested in the problems that may arise from it,” adding “You can go ahead and expound your energy in filing a complaint. Good luck.”

Both the Residential Tenancies Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code forbid landlords from discriminating against potential tenants for their age.

Tesan and Young’s claim has yet to be heard, so it remains to be seen how the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal will deal with this issue and what relief they may provide to Tesan and Young.

If you believe that you may have been discriminated against by a landlord in violation of either the Residential Tenancies Act or the Ontario Human Rights Code, contact Daniel & Partners. Our experienced team will evaluate your situation and determine the best way forward to assist you.