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Today is Love Your Lawyer Day!

Tlove_your_lawyer_day_2016_niagara_fallsoday is ‘Love Your Lawyer Day’! This ‘holiday’ serves to highlight the positive impact that the legal profession has on the community.

‘Love Your Lawyer Day’ has truly become a global celebration. Some use this day to encourage people to take a break from lawyer jokes (both good and bad), or if that proves to be too much to handle, requests that donations be made as a ‘fine’ for the offending joke.

There is some disagreement amongst historians and scholars, but it is believed that the first ever recorded lawyer joke may have been written by William Shakespeare in “Henry VI, Part II”: ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.’

Fortunately for members of the legal profession, humour in this area has evolved somewhat in the intervening centuries. However you choose to mark this most solemn of occasions, we at Daniel & Partners LLP thank you for your continued patronage of our business.

We are proud to have served the Niagara Region since 1922, and we will continue to be a positive presence in this community.
Blog post by Karen Shedden, NCA Candidate.